Manual welding
Our welding department has long experience of welding of both sheet and tube structures. We mostly work with the welding methods MIG/MAG and TIG welding. Our welders have the skills and experience required to ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness. We are used to the fact that the weld joint must meet expected stresses while being appealing to the eye. We offer welding of large and small series and have extensive experience in prototype and fixture production

Spot, bolt and press welding
We have a comprehensive machine park with various types of spot welding machines including pressure and bolt welders.

Robot welding
Our fast and efficient robot welder ensures consistent and good quality, and we have the capacity to perform series manufacturing for both the smaller and the larger industry. Our robot welder is suitable for MIG welding.

• Maximum weight 250 kg with welding fixture
• Maximum dimensions (mm) 1500 x 900 x 900